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Online Stores I Like

I’m really not much of a shopper and I tend to research for so long that by the time I make a decision a new set of products are out. I do most of my shopping online, outside of groceries, and here are some of my favs. I figured I should post it so there is some record on the all-seeing google.

Adagio Teas

Adagio has some nice loose leaf teas but what makes it worth it is the experience. The site is easy to use, has reviews and ratings and also includes some community features. What set’s it apart is the experience once you order. You get plenty of tracking on the site, can copy your order to someone at a discount and also send gift certificates to others for free. The unexpected part was when I got an email letting me know it was delivered which included all the info from the tracking service. I was inside my house and didn’t even know it was left outside.

Woot and Woot Wine

A gimmick site. The deal is available only for 24 hours or until it’s sold out, whichever comes first. The wine is available for a week it seems. Goes for the impulse buy but they do have some great deals. I haven’t actually ordered anything from them but keep tabs in case something on my someday list comes up at a discount.

Amazon and associates

Still my main shopping location. The addition of affiliate stores has expanded the selection and I find myself ordering many more things. The shipping can get you if your not careful but I’ve found I still save quite a bit. I’d look into Prime if it was eligible on more items. I’ve had great luck with returns which is my main concern when buying online. I also start at Amazon for the reviews and recommendations even if I don’t buy it there.


The Amazon of computer parts. I’ve bought nearly all of my computer components and accessories here. Great prices, lots of reviews and I’ve had great service with returns. With the large and fanatic user base you get a lot of detailed reviews that let you really trust the product your buying.

Sweet Maria's

This is where I buy all my green coffee beans to roast them at home. They also have roasted coffee which is pretty good. Their reviews of the beans and information on homeroasting is great. Their site could use some more organization but it’s worth finding the info.


More browsing then shopping, but some great hand-made items. Also has a nice community. Great if your looking for some unique items.