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'AUG2006: Blending Learning Initiative'

This presentation was by Allan Gyorke of Penn State. It was another one about using Resource Libraries which I think may be underused here.

I’d been fairly confused about the master course option but got a good handle after this and some other sessions. One hack to force people to link to an item is to create a repository and then link to the items in a master course. If someone copies the master course it is still a link.

Another common problem I’ve seen is quizzes in libraries. If you link then all the information is submitted to the library. The solution again is to use a master course. You can create the question banks in the resource library and then pull them into the master course (new quiz shell). When the master course is copied you get the links to the content items and real quizzes but the quizzes still pull the questions from the library so you can update the questions there and have all affected courses updated. A useful solution.