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Yahoo Podcasts and Blocked Downloads

Didn’t notice it until today but Yahoo has a podcast site now. Makes sense with the My Yahoo and their music offerings. Yahoo tends to be about content and with the recent additions and changes I see this becoming more so. Kind of reminds me of AOL.

The one thing I really have to diss about the Yahoo offering is that it asks me to signin if I click on the download link. I don’t think this is right as it’s using other people’s content to push their own service, and some probably have copyrights that probably forbid this. Odeo, and the other sites I’ve seen, link straight to the file. I went ahead and logged in and Yahoo does link to the files on the providers' website, so I don’t really see why they are forcing sign-ins. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

My thoughts are that it seems like a bit of a clone of Odeo with a shittier interface. I guess since iTunes had podcasts it won’t take long for the other music services to follow suit. As it stands now I’ll stick with Odeo synced to iTunes. Nice interface and very easy to use, especially the queue system.