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Unicode and Sphinx

I’m not an expert with unicode and ran into various problems in getting Sphinx up and running with bib data for SOPAC2. Below is an overview of what I ended up doing to solve it. There are probably better ways of doing it and if so please share. The Sphinx I’m referring to is the indexing/search program that works well with MySQL. The case below is using the stock searchd/indexer interface and not the mysql engine which is probably different.

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Gutter Garden

An old article but still applicable for those with small spaces. But our deck is on the wrong side of the house. Then an idea came to me that was a little unusual and might involve a little risk. The idea is essential this: Why not put rain gutters in rows along the wood siding on the sunny side of the house. It might look weird, but that was where all the heat, sun and protection from damage is best.

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