One of the benefits of knowing lots of farmers is the ability to buy local or from small farms where you have at least of an idea where things are coming from. Quite a few of our meals this summer have been completely from either our garden or from relatives' farms. Besides plenty of pheasant, quail, heritage chickens and other poultry, we are having a pig raised for us. For the curious here is a picture of when we first saw them:

Here’s a pic of them recently:

It will be a few more months before we go up and butcher them and hopefully I’ll be able to do a more complete blog post of our experiences. Related to that, with the large number of houses on the market and my job change, we’re looking at moving out of the city to some place where we can raise more animals and produce. If you know anyone in the market around Lansing or going to Michigan State feel free to let them know about our current place which is now on the market.