A couple quick book reviews:

Drugs are nice: a post-punk memoir by Lisa Carver

Enjoyed it quite a bit. Can be deperessing at times but gives a window into a world most see from outside. She’s not yet old but she’s already experienced enough to fill this volume and probably more. It’s the story of a teen publisher, wife and prostitute. The title refers to an album by her group Suckdog which is available from at least one library.

What we believe but can not prove edited by John Brockman

It is about the anticipation of the moment and the memory of the moment, but not the moment.

The book is a collection of essays published on edge.org. The essays are grouped by their topic so it can seem repetitive at times but also shows the various reasons people have for believing their specific idea. The ideas range from one to many universes, consciousness, afterlife and science itself. Most of the essays are short so it reads rather fast. Worth picking up.