Found quite a few new things today via Planet RDF which included a post about using URI’s to identify music items:

The Music Ontology Specification is available online and licensed under a creative commons license and it looks quite interesting in what it is trying to accomplish:

Also pointed to from the post is DBpedia:

If your building catalogs with Wikipedia data integrated into it you may look at using DBpedia. The SPARQL examples make it look promising with queries like Soccer player with tricot nr. 11, playing for a club having a stadium with >40.000 seats, born in a country with >10M inhabitants.

Back to the post, the discussion is centered around the problem with having URI alias' for a single item like Wikipedia does. What is authoritative URI that should be used for identification. DBpedia does not have aliases which makes it clear though translating URI’s from Wikipedia to DBpedia can be a more involved process because of it.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see the things that are going on in the semantic web area and how all the data can be linked together and it’s potential for discovery and catalog displays.