I noted before the discussion on machine tags. Another example has come about with Revish, the book review community, pulling in images from Flickr that use the book:isbn=********** tag. An example page is Bulletproof Ajax. From their blog:

The cookbook and knitting are interesting examples that probably give an idea of what’s possible. For example I could tag something with book:isbn, book:page or something similar and have images of what a dish actually looks like. I could see quite a few crafty communities use this to add value.

And for those who aren’t familiar with Revish, they bill themselves as a place for reviews and not a competitor to places like Library Thing. From the faq:

If you want to catalogue your book collection I encourage you to go look elsewhere. Here, just follow one of these links and sign-up there (but come back here to write reviews): LibraryThing, Shelfari.

There’s also an API coming out with reviews appearing to be under a Creative Commons license. This may come in handy for libraries looking to add some content but who are wary of Amazon’s terms. From what I’ve read they also leave rights with the review authors, outside of non-exclusive reprint rights. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing how the site goes.

Via Adactio as usual.