There’s a nice resource called ANTS (ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project) which hopes to create screencast tutorials for library resources that libraries can share and use.

Recognizing that creating and updating Tutorials for each online resource is a daunting task for any library to undertake on its own, librarians in COPPUL got together to find a way to share in their development. This project is an outgrowth of that initiative and our goal is to create a critical mass of Open Source Tutorials for online resources used by libraries everywhere.

It consists of a wiki and a Dspace repository. There’s not much there yet but this definitely looks like a worthwhile idea. The wiki is nice though I’ve never been overly enthused when coming across Dspace but you have to shove the stuff somewhere.

I think it would be nice if the screencasts were uploaded to YouTube or Google Video so that libraries can easily insert them into their pages. We’ve thrown around the idea here about doing screencasts for some of the things for distant students and faculty. I’ll have to keep this project in mind.

via The Distant Librarian