Art was kind enough to let me attend a Lucene Summit he was having in Windsor and since it was close I went ahead and attended. The summit started with some brief introductions of some of the problems Knowledge Ontario (the organizer) is having with some of their digital search projects. Most were using Lucene for their full text indexing and the talk revolved around related problems and products that seem to make things easier (Flamenco, Solr, etc.)

The first real session was hosted by some of Elsevier’s skunkworks developers. It was really nice to see that a vendor like Elsevier has a developer group (although small) that gets into the quick prototyping and idea generation stuff. This presentation was on the adaption of Scopus to include local results. Here are some highlights:

The presentation was interesting but probably the most to those who are working with distributed indexes as the project met quite a few problems included local vs global ranking and indexing differences.