has a post on 8 Expenses to Cut and How. One of the suggestions is to use a local library.

I’ve done similar and now really only read books that friends loan me or that are at the library. Most of my reading is technical though and I find the books are obsolete before I even finish them. Some of the other suggestions that I follow:

While Netflix is a monthly charge, I’ve found that I end up saving since I no longer rent/buy movies or go to the theatre. It also prevents me from going out all the time and spending money. I dropped my WoW account as well. I also don’t have TV and just rent shows when they come out on DVD.

As for the drinking, I went a step further and brew my own beer, though I’ve been lazy lately. It is quite the savings, especially if you drink decent beers.

Coffee, I also roast at home. You can get premium coffees for less then it costs pre-roasted and the green coffee beans stay fresh for quite some time. You just roast what you need and you always have the freshest pot. I can buy a pound for the price of a grande at the local coffee place.