Alas, getting funding for myself would likely be difficult, but I’m wondering how many tech libs are going to other conferences that are not really library related. Are there ones that standout?

Jaf and reeset were recently enjoying OSCON (and blogging some of it) making most of the rest of code4lib jealous.

Casey will be going to WordCamp a Wordpress oriented unconference and I expect he will be blogging it.

BlogHer is going on right now but I’m not sure if any library bloggers went. A quick look through the names didn’t have any I recognized.

I believe quite a few in code4lib wanted to hit up the RubyConf but I don’t think any made it.

Personally I wanted to hit up a few of the web design related ones but just don’t have the time or money. I will hopefully be at Access this year and Code4lib in the spring.