One of the things I like about conferences these days is that most post the presentations online so you can get something out of it even if you weren’t able to go. Add sites like ITConversations that records audio for some of the big ones. Many of the smaller ones are now offering audio and sometimes even video.

A shining example is Webstock which was in New Zealand. They have posted the slides as well as audio and video in multiple formats. When I first found the link to the site via Adactio I presumed it would be some Windows Media streams I would have to dump, but I was amazed that they offer raw MPEG-1 as well as MPEG-4 in addition to the stream. But I have to agree with Adactio that podcasts for each format would have been nice. He has created an unofficial one for the audio files which I added to Odeo if you happen to use it or want to easily post the content to your site.

Another interesting idea is that of presenters transcribing the audio of their talks. May be more work than most are willing to put in though.

I have to end this with giving Jaf a hard time about the code4lib audio. Also are any podcasters going to code4lib2007? Anyone with an ok DV cam that can use an external mic? I’d be more than willing to put the time in to transcode files if someone has the equipment.