Amazon used to have a “digital locker” which was used to keep track of any digital purchases. It appears they have now expanding this offering to track and book/video/music purchases you’ve made. You can also add anything else you already own. Similar to LibraryThing. Amazon calls this new offering YourMediaLibrary.

It offers various views including both cover art based and list mode. Here is a screen of list mode where i’ve clicked on a specific book.

As you can see you can tag items and easily rate them. I presume the ratings become part of the normal Amazon rating service. If you click full details you get a more expanded view which also allows you to review items. For music it also shows the audio tracks and lets you preview them. For movies it has some basic IMDB integration which pulls quotes, etc. Example:

My first impression is that the service is a bit slow and more complicated than other media library offerings out there. That said you get Amazon community and Amazon API backing. It will be interesting what kind of API’s become available for it and what kind of projects are done. Amazon has a rather large API developer community so it could lead to some interesting things. Something to keep an eye on.

Caught this via Science Library Pad