One of the things I’ve come to like is the “lab” type sites such as Google Labs and Yahoo Next. It lets them post ideas and projects that may not make it to fruition but at least lets them gauge interest and find problems.

In library-land I’ve come across LCLS Labs and UofVa Library Lab though I’m sure there are others. Right now the majority of the experiments are on individual library coder’s sites or blogs. I think many of these ideas (such as bookmarklets, firefox extensions, etc) are worthy enough to be included somewhere on a library’s site even if there is not enough buy-in to make them “official”. There are various reasons I think this is a good idea:

One of the drawbacks is the possibility of getting calls for support on these items. How you present these offerings will be important. You will probably want to stress that these are offered without support but for feedback purposes. How many institutions would go for this I don’t know.