In the ramp up to Code4LibCon I’ve been getting some equipment I should have got a long time ago, such as a bigger SD card for my camera. Another is wireless for my iBook. Unfortunately I have an older iBook that only supports the original Airport cards which are now no longer produced and run $100+ even on ebay. I began a quest to find a USB dongle that would work instead which wasn’t an easy task. Casey had an old list of campatibility but I found most of those weren’t sold anymore as well or had poor ratings.

Luckily I came across a Ask MetaFilter post that had a comment which linked to the RT2500 chipset drivers and a page of USB dongles that use it. I’m still looking through the list to see which one I was but from the reviews it appears that many support OSX 10.4.x well.

Oh, and if your looking for a good place to buy computer equipment, I recommend NewEgg.