If you haven’t already done so I recommend reading the “Let’s make libraries better, ok?” post over at Information Wants to Be Free. The comments are also worth reading. I think one of the take-home messages is not to cater to one group of patrons at a cost to the others.

I’m of the feeling that technology has the potential to help all groups if used well. This is especially the case with access to information. During my stint as a student in education I have a few presentations to other students regarding tech in the classroom. I did my best to show the benefits of the various tools while stressing that it won’t be a 1-fits-all. Just because parents can email you doesn’t mean you can cancel parent-teacher night. It’s important to know your audience.

I also want to point out something she brings up which I think is even more important: PR. I can’t tell you how many library services I found out were offered only after I started working at the library. I’m still finding things out after 4 years. Quite often I have callers that are amazed at what is offered when I inform them. Something really has to be done to publicize things more. Putting a page on your website 5 links in is not a solution. If you have to come into the library to discover it then your also not doing well. Things need to be out where people will just “run into it”.