Some great things I’ve been meaning to say but never did were posted in much better prose than I could have by dchud. The first hit on the failings of some of the resolvers out there. The first batch of implementations that I’ve seen have left me wanting and there was even one that was just a loop from the catalog back to itself. He also touches on the poor error handling. I’ll just sum it all up and say that too much of this is a pain in the ass to use and there is no need for it to be that way (OPAC and things related to the OPAC).

A second post talks about barriers to information. Right now in many institutions, patrons are forced to jump through 50 flaming hoops to get anything done. Whether its digging through 3 sites to find the proper link, setting up proxy servers or solving riddles to put a book on hold, some things could definitely be easier. As dchud states: