I often see conferences I’d be interested in going to but since I use my own money I haven’t gone to any yet. When Code4LibCon came around though I decided to go ahead and signup. My vacation time is about to max out and Oregon is as good a place as any. The price for the conference is also very approachable.

The closer it is to the conference the happier I am with my choice. The tentative lineup looks great and what’s even better is that I was part of the process. For those that didn’t catch it, after the proposal deadline closed voting was open to anyone who was planning on attending. We each got to choose our top 11 choices and the winners were put in the schedule. Though there will likely be some changes with drop-outs (etc) I was very impressed with the process.

I also think this would be an interesting idea for other conferences to pick up, especially the ones that are specialized. More general conferences may try to get a certain balance so to appeal to the most people but I think it could also be used on a per-track basis. I think there will alot of things to learn from this conference.

Now I just have to finish getting all my vacation stuff together.