Just came across a post over at Dan Cohen about Amazon Connect. Apparently it’s still in beta but it seems like Amazon is trying out quite a bit these days (tags, forums, etc). Amazon Connect is where authors of books can do blog like posts on their book’s page. While this is interesting in itself, what really caught my eye is that they may customize your front page to contain posts from the books you’ve bought.

Quite a few of my book’s authors are blogging (Neil Gaiman, Freakonomics, etc.) and I think this will allow some of the others who are not as prolific to connect with their readers. It looks like the blog is author-based and not book specific so it should be worthwhile to have the posts (new book coming out, edition, etc). Doesn’t look like there’s comments enabled but I’m not sure Amazon has a method of controlling/spam-blocking yet. It will be interesting to see where this leads.