Just rolling out (alpha/beta) but looks like an interesting service. Supports all IM services which makes me think it’s Jabber-based. More info:


For those that don’t know Jabber is an open IM protocol which has a nice XML structure. As such it’s nice to build things with and there are libraries for many programming languages. It took me about 20 minutes to get an old Wordpress install to IM me when someone commented. Got tired of the messages though so I got rid of it.

An added plus is that many people have written gateways for the various other services for jabber servers. This means if you run your own Jabber server then you can install these gateways and communicate with the other protocols but retain all the benefits of the Jabber protocol. Comes in handy for logging and other programming. If you haven’t checked out Jabber do so. It’s fairly easy once you get into it.

I’m still thinking of writing a Jabber interface to the III XML server if I ever get the time. Maybe someone will beat me to it ;-)