A match made in heaven. Truthfully though in my search for semi-healthy foods I’ll actually eat I found some Amish Apple Butter at the store. The ingredient list consisted of just “apples, applesauce or concentrate”. I was purplexed as I was certain there was more than that in it. Maybe some brown sugar.

My first thought was maybe it’s caramelized appled. A quick Wikipedia search and it confirmed my thoughts. One of those things that I hit up wikipedia before I hit up google. Did I mention I love Wikipedia.

On a related note I just came across Gollum, a Wikipedia browser (ajax, etc) that gives Wikipedia an almost Encarta or desktop interface. Very interesting and since you can download the wikipedia content I can see something like this becoming a more packaged deal. How long before you have a DVD wikipedia that rivals Encarta or the rivals? The killer is that with a click of a button you can go to the updated version online and perhaps edit it if the need arises. Very interesting.