I love shopping online. The only thing I really buy offline is food and if I lived in an area large enough to have online groceries, I would certainly buy them online too. There is just too much convenience and I just hate the offline shopping experience. There are occasions that I like seeing something in person but I usually then go home and buy it online once I’ve made the decision. Usually I base my decisions on what people say in blogs, amazon, etc. I never try clothes on so there is really no reason for me to go shopping.

What I do hate is getting shit delivered once I buy it. As someone that works evenings (4pm to Midnight) I find that the services are not set-up to work with me. Actually my schedule probably doesn’t matter, the services just suck. I’d get my packages delivered to work but for obvious liability reasons that is not allowed. Luckily I live in an apartment complex so I have an office that will sign for packages. Or at least they would if the assholes would leave it there.

FedEx has apparently adapted to people working 8-4/9-5 by showing up at my door at 7am. As someone who doesn’t usually hit the sack until 2-3am this is inconvenient. I assure you I am not getting out of bed for anything at 7am. I don’t care if it’s Ed McMahon with a check. They also will not leave a package that has to be signed with the office. This means if I want my package I need to pick it up myself. If it doesn’t require a signature then they just whip it at my door, which is also unfortunate as my door is right by everyone’s mailboxes. Packages have disappeared. There is also no protection from the weather.

I refuse to sign any sheets for FedEx as both times I did they gave me a package that was supposed to be delivered to somewhere in Asia, then argued that I had signed for it and it was, therefore, my responsibility and I was liable. I assure you this did not hold forever but I don’t want to go through the experience again.

I will give them credit for coming back later in the day one time. I worker appeared to be new and still learning so I’m sure that won’t happen again.

UPS appears to take the opposite approach for the workday and shows up between 4-5 which is when I’m starting my workshift. Luckily, if I leave a note, they usually will leave it at the office. Unfortunately, the office closes at 6 so it’s hit or miss whether they get over there in time.

This would be my preferred service but my packages seem to disappear off the face of the earth too often. Usually they appear to be signed for in Texas. I have suspicions that these mis-deliveries aren’t accidental but I’m too lazy to collect evidence. Also, Amazon is awesome with it’s replacements. Overall I’m OK with the UPS service as they will at least deliver the package, if not always to me.

Despite how many people seem to dislike the mail service, I still prefer them as my delivery though not much more than UPS. The driver comes at around the same time each day (noon-1pm) which is a good time for me and will leave it with the office if need be unless some special signature stuff was asked for. Usually if I authorize it though they will leave it. They do have the problem with leaving packages next to my door if no signature proof is required though. They also tend to do more attempts and have a convenient location in the odd chance I need to pick it up. FedEx and UPS have their centers way the hell out of town.

I bring this up because I just bought some books from Amazon and of course got the uneasy feeling in my stomach anticipating what hell I would be going through to get my order but alas it came through USPS and I got them without much trouble at all. They were left at my door again though. Amazon boxes are a tad too easy to pick out and I can see someone grabbing it thinking it was DVD’s etc. Oh well.

BTW, the books I got were Anansi Boys by my favorite author Neil Gaiman and Freakonomics. I already had the audiobook from iTunes but one of the authors is coming to town and thought I’d get something signed. The authors also have a blog.