Well if there’s one good thing about the recent slump in decent offerings from Holly wood it’s my reintroduction to quality cinema from other countries. I know some people hate subtitles but your really short changing yourself if your not seeing some of these movies. I glad the US has imported some recently (Hero, etc) instead of just making shitty remakes. If you’ve seen the remakes you should really see the original. Here are some I recommend checking out, some are old, some are newer:

You can find these and more on my IMDB vote list. There’s also plenty of good independent movies in the US that came out.

The movie I watched most recently is called “The Bird People in China” which is kindof a story of old meets new, business vs old way of life, etc. I was really expecting a drama, but as in most foriegn films it’s hard to categorize. There is drama, humor, etc. There were a couple scenes that caught me and I did some screenshots. The quality of the photography is much better than these screens show, I saved them as lower quality for the web and had my gamma slightly higher on that computer so it’s a bit dark. I really recommend checking this out. It’s available at NetFlix.