Came across this through various blogs so you’ve probably already seen it. What I’m talking about is Paragraph, a loft/gym type area for writers in NYC. You sign up for a membership and in exchange you get an environment where you might be able to get some writing done.

I like the idea alot though I think the WiFi would distract me from actually accomplishing anything. Back when I attempted to pass classes I would often spend my days and/or nights at the campus libraries off in a corner working on various things, listening to the iPod. I find being home or in a dorm or elsewhere to be distracting especially if there is internet or other things available. Coffee shops were also a big stop though they are more crowded than the libraries.

Now that I work in a library setting I find myself showing up early or staying late in order to get things done. If I lived in a busier area such as NYC I think a place like this would be great. From the pictures it looks like a great atmosphere though depending on how many people start using it it could become overwhelmed. An oasis in the urban jungle it could be.

I have quite a few friends that are writers and we threw around the idea of doing such a thing around here though I don’t think the market is large enough. Coffee shops are booming around here though so who knows. I only bring this up as there is a big push in library design/redesign for creating an environment that is conducive to learning/studying/writing/etc.

My only request is cheaper quality coffee at the library cafe. I roast my own so I know what the beans cost.